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The Georgian Polytechnical Intellect Ltd (GPI) was established on August 27 1996. GPI founders are:

  • Institute of Space Constructions (Georgia)
  • Georgian Technical University (Georgia)
  • Darbazi Design Company (Georgia)
  • Valemar Shipping & Trading (Liechtenstein)
  • Gream Shipping & Trading (Liechtenstein)

GPI has combined all scientific and technical capabilities of the Institute of Space Constructions and Georgian Technical University in the field of theory and practice of transformable systems.

Space and ground production and experimental devices of new generation were created on the basis of international cooperation with many European companies including Dornier Satellite Systems - Daimler Chrysler Airspace (Germany):

  • mobile reusable fast-deployable bridges KM-0T and KM-2T
  • space deployable reflector offset antenna of 15 m in diameter DG1
  • light transformable space reflector of 12 m in diameter
  • super light experimental space reflectors

The cooperation between GPI and Tbilisi Aircraft Production Association ensures high technological and manufacturing capabilities of GPI for production of space and ground constructions and devices.