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     aboard the "MIR" orbital station

The space experiment "REFLECTOR" was performed succesfully on July 23-28 1999. Here you may find the final report about this event and some photos.

The space technological experiment "REFLECTOR" is planned for July - August 1999 after the necessary equipment is delivered to the "MIR" Orbital Station onboard the cargo spaceship "Progress-M". The exact date of the experiment will be determined by the "MIR" station flight program.

The "REFLECTOR" experiment is being carried out by the RSC Energia and the EGS company in order to investigate and test the large-scale transformable reflector antenna and to test the form creation process in the space enviroment.

The expirement consists of the following phases:

  • the delivery of "REFLECTOR" equipment to the MIR Orbital Station onboard the supply spaceship "Progress-M" together with other cargo Image (16Kb)
  • the MIR crew work inside MIR in order to prepare the equipment for carrying it out to the external surface of the station Image (14Kb)
  • the preparatory assembly works on the the external surfice of the KVANT module on the "SOFORA" mast Image (17Kb)
  • deployment of the "REFLECTOR" structure Image (21Kb)
  • taking photos and making video recording of the deployment and the final shape of the "REFLECTOR"
  • jettisoning of the "REFLECTOR" structure out of "SOFORA" mast Image (11Kb)


The "REFLECTOR" structure presents the parabolic antenna reflector with the following dimensions in deployed state:

  • ellipse: Dmax = 6400 mm; Dmin = 5200 mm;
  • height: 1100 mm.


In the transportable state the package has the following dimensions:

  • D = 620 mm,
  • height: 1060 mm.


The MIR crew plays an important role in performing the "REFLECTOR" experiment (the crew commander V. Afanasiev and flight engineer S. Avdeev will take part in the experiment). So during the preparation of the crew in January 1999 года two training sessions of 4 hours each were performed. The "REFLECTOR" operations on the external surface of the MIR station were tested in the hydrolaboratory at the Cosmonaut Training Center.

On March 20 1999 the first deployment of the technology prototype of the large-scale transformable reflector antenna was performed. Here you can find the report about this event.